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Success Book Review – Starting From Scratch | Success Through Inspiration

Success Book Review – Starting From Scratch

July 16, 2009

Starting from ScratchStarting From Scratch
[Secrets from 22 ordinary people who made the entrepreneurial leap]
by Wes Moss

Starting from scratch is a great read for any would-be entrepreneur, or a small business owner who enjoys reading about other successes.  Wess goes through the stories and trials of 22 people, who were searching for their dreams, and made it to their goals to achieve the success they desired.

I love reading about people who started with a dream, and made it to their success.  This book goes through the interviews Wes had with people across the country, and not only portrays their stories in a fabulous direct story, but goes through their feelings, struggles, hopes, and dreams.  Each person interviewed is an ordinary person – nothing amazing – but they each started out dissatisfied with their current position, and decided to make a touch change.

The interview stories are well edited and portrayed, and positioned in groups to exemplify what Wes calls the entreprenurial HUNT:

H: Harness what you have. Figure out what you do best, and what you love to do.

U: Underestimate your obstacles. My favorite part. Don’t get caught up with the problems and walls you hear about or face – find your way around them, surround yourself with believers, and plow ahead.

N: Notice your network. One of the most important lessons – don’t be afraid to call on who you know for help, references, or favors.  Be sure to return the favor when someone calls you, too.

T: Take the first step. Oftentimes the most difficult for us, but the most important.  If you don’t do anything, nothing will happen.  Take a step, even if it’s a small one.

Like I said – Starting from Scratch is  great read!  Inspirational and teaching, you won’t regret getting this book.  I finished it, and plan on going through it again with a highlighter.

The authors web site is http://www.wesmoss.com


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