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SEO Differences | Success Through Inspiration

SEO Differences

July 31, 2009

Ok, so you’ve been told you need SEO work so your site can get found.  Prerequisite: read this before continuing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Search_engine_optimization

What types of SEO are there?  Short answer: 2.

1.  On-Site / Internal / Natural / Organic


2.  Off-Site / Link-Building / Pay for Service

On-Site optimization is when you pay your web developer to update your meta tags for each page, align your content copy with your keyword strategy, update your page names/images/alt text/variables to all align with your keywords and keyphrases.  That’s the short of it.  You have (depending on your content management system) direct control over this and the search engine “spiders” and “robots” will find you and draw you into their database of 1 Trillion other sites.  More later on local advertizing on the search engines.

Off-Site optimization is when your website development company determines keywords and phrases and then pays a service to push your optimized landing page (select one page and optimize the heck out of it) to searchers searching for a specific targeted key word or phrase.  Then, you pay this third party per click (PPC).  Downfalls:  if you don’t target the right audience, you’re paying for a click to your site for a customer that won’t produce a conversion (won’t buy anything/call you).  This is a tweaking process and you should not expect immediate or one time fees.  It’s like finely tuning a recipe; you take some stuff out, you add some more stuff, taste it and go back again.

Off-site optimization also includes linkbacks, search engine submissions and the ever growing social media-sphere.   The more links you have back to your sites – the more RELEVANT links – the higher your site will rank.

You could try it yourself first for a few months – the key is tracking tracking tracking.

For example, I’m on this nutritional cleansing “diet” (for lack of a better word) and I’m losing more inches around my body than weight.   If I hadn’t been measuring, I would have been discouraged about my 2-3lb weight loss.  But, since I’m taking the time to measure 15 parts of my body, I have a baseline to start with.

So…learn how to add the Google Analytics code to your site.  Start here:  http://analytics.google.com – watch the tutorials and be prepared to be overwhelmed.  Don’t worry about learning how to use all of the features – your first task is to just add it to start your baseline.  Kind of like getting a mammogram at 35…


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