Giving Yourself a Reading Boost

September 21, 2009

Finding yourself with too little time on your hands?  Yeah, me too.

When I leave work, I put on one or many of my other hats, Mom, Wife, Volunteer, Jazzerciser, etc and don’t think about work until the next day.  I want so badly to read more books in the business and technology (in the web seo/design/marketing) arena, but time gets away from me.

That’s why I recently recalled a website my company created a while back (it was sold off, so Radius3 no longer hosts or maintains it now):  They have a staff that reads the books for you and provides a 300, 600 or 900 word synopsis for you.  It’s not as good as reading the whole book cover to cover, but it sure saves some time!

I’m considering joining for $195/year (Individual membership; cheaper if your company signs up 1-many employees).  If I were to buy the books (library is an option too but I know I can’t finish a book in 2 weeks and I’m bad about renewing), they would cost approx $15-ish each at at one/month, that would cost $180/year.  What if I bought a book and never finished it?  Wasted money!  I despise waste.

Now if I were to read one review/week = 4 books per month => $60/mo =>$720/year value AND I could talk intelligently at business gatherings.  No more… “so what do you do?” rather “I’ve just read the book [insert book name here].  … ” and hence an intelligent conversations and business partnership starts to blossom.

Maybe it’s worth a look into if you have a short attention span, short amounts of time free, a wanderlust for information gathering…

I signed up for the newsletter to get a taste: Newsletter Signup – Business Book Review

Tell your company about it or call BBR at 1-800-653-2726 (x2218) – tell them that someone at Radius3, their original programmers recommended it; maybe I’ll get a free subscription for a year before I decide to join.

-NotesFromKris (Twitter)


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