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Success - for the love or for the money? | Success Through Inspiration

Success – for the love or for the money?

November 1, 2009

Love vs. MoneyI recently posed a question on LinkedIn (a great business networking site – if you’ve never checked it out, you really should!):

  • If you were given two job offers at the same time, one is a job that you would love but didn’t pay much, and the other is a so-so job that payed much better – which would you take?

Not surprisingly, the vast majority of the answers were “take the job that would make you happiest”.

In a perfect world, of course that would be the best answer.  But is it that straightforward?  We are all in business to make money, and if you can make money doing what you love – that is the perfect situation.  Well, I suppose the “perfect situation” would be if you were independantly wealthy and didn’t need to work at all, but I digress…

Choosing the best job – be it freelancing, a contract job, full-time job, or the next project for your business – is not always that easy.  Other factors might include location of the job relative to where you live, your current financial and personal situation, resources at your disposal – just to name a few.

Your goal should be to be in a position where you can do what you love, and make a good living at the same time. But sometimes we have to take steps to get there – take some projects that don’t pay much in order to impress a customer, take a higher-paying job that might not be what you really enjoy to build up your financial position – as long as you keep your goal in sight, and always work on achieving your goal in the long-term.

In the past 20 years or so, people had the luxury to switch jobs on a whim, getting a nice pay increase each time.  Now with high unemployment, some of those people realize that their choices were short-sighted.  If they had stayed at a job longer, they might be in a better position to have kept their job longer through the layoffs that hit so many companies.  Then again, maybe not.

What are your thoughts?  Take the job for satisfaction, or take the job for the money?


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