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A great year to do it! | Success Through Inspiration

A great year to do it!

January 9, 2011

Do or Do Not. There is no Try.So does everyone have their motivation on for the new year?  Come on!  It’s a new year! 2011! Where are the resolutions!

Yeah, I didn’t make them either.  I have realized that I make many of the same ones year after year.


If you have that dream… desire… discontent with your career or job (or lack of one) – all I can suggest is that you try.  Give it a shot.

Although – as Yoda said “Do or Do Not.  There is no Try.”

That is very true.  But I believe that to start off, you have to consider it a try. I mean, why not? Throw your hat over the fence. Then you have to go and get it, and try doing what you’ve always thought and dreamed about.

I have a friend – a brilliant artist – who decided to try selling some of her artwork (see it here). Why not? It is great art. Friends love it. So she posted a web site / blog about it. Minimum cost and effort.  Easy enough – why not?  Might as well try.  Won’t hurt anything. She started selling art through an online store, cafepress.  Again, easy to try, low risk.

Now for the new-year exciting part. She is going to throw her hat.  It’s time to DO.  Renting out space in an art gallery.  More risk – sure – but much more gains!

Entrepreneurs, in general, do not see failure as a possible outcome.  Of course we know there will be problems and hurdles.  We know it is going to be tough, many hours working and marketing, headaches, sleepless nights – but we have no doubt that we can make it work.


Do or Do Not.  There is no Try.

And best of luck to my friend Shelley – we are all behind you 100%!


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