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The E-Myth Revolution | Success Through Inspiration

The E-Myth Revolution

The E-Myth… I am not writing here to promote anything, but I will say that the E-Myth book is by far one of the BEST books for people who are thinking about, in the process of, or have started a business working for themselves.

I’ve honestly read the book more than 10 times – cover to cover.  I have actually gone out and gotten another copy of the book, since I read the first copy to pieces.

If you have an inkling of starting a business, or have already started one – you need to read this book for yourself.  ABSOLUTELY MUST.

In a nutshell, all of us entrepreneurs think we can “do it better” than the other person, than the boss we are working for, than the company we are in.  And while that is assuredly true, we can’t do it ALL better.

For me, all the points that are made in this book, happened to me.  I was able to see the problems coming, as I had read them in the book.

We are the people that CAN do it better, and we WILL do it better.  We are the accountants, the engineers, the bakers, the chefs, web site designers, trash haulers – whatever it is that you do, that you want to work for yourself to do – is described in this book.  How, in your occupation, you usually do one or a few parts of a whole business, even if you don’t always see the rest of the business, behind the scenes.

You CAN do it all, and many times you have to.  But you can’t do it ALL perfectly, as your business needs it.

Do yourself a big favor, and your business a big favor.  Read the E-Myth book.  Or send me a note – when I get my book back from the friend I leanded it to, I will send it to you.  A bit tattered, but still readable.